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i have:

A2 upper in pic available. light cosmetic scratches, runs great

the followers in the pic are not available.

unused Dillon 550b press handle w/ nut

modified 10/22 barrel. This has been machined to be used in a 77/22 but is not finished. it has the barrel shank lengthened by .125" concentric to the chamber, second extractor groove machined. It needs: the v-block attachment point modified to work with a 77/22(different v block length)

Tasco red dot, works well, has all covers and a good battery.

Lee powder thrower. This is almost new, i've used it to throw about 1000 powder charges. works great, it throws within +/- .1 grains pretty easily with ball powders and steady hand movements. comes the stand mount shown.

What i need:
rifle length buffer, tube and spring
flat top upper reciever
front BUIS's?

can add cash to the deal

post questions, bumps, i'll take it's here, and/or PM me with offers(cash offers too, although i really need the trade stuff)


upper and red dot.jpg

powder thrower.jpg

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