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Marlin is bringing back 357!


Been a while since I saw a gun to turn my head. I think it moved.....:oops:
Honestly, shoot a 45-70 using a 405 gr lead bullet and a maximum load of Trail Boss, enough to drop almost anything in North America, almost no recoil.



I love the 16" barrel, but OTOH I love the 9rd mag tube of the 20" barrel version. For me, I'd want the non-railed, threaded version. I love how it has a peep sight.

Unfortunately, it appears to be a ghost ring sight, which may not have a small enough aperture for my preferences.

My prediction is that Marlin will never make any of these. They will be unobtanium forever...


Picked up the 1894 CST from my FFL last night. Looked it over pretty good before accepting the transfer, and then again today when I cleaned it up. I am pleased so far, but haven’t had a chance to get it out to the range today.

Trigger is a bit heavy, but not bad. Action is also a bit stiff, but with some use, and maybe different springs and a little polishing should improve. This afternoon, I swapped out the hammer spring and did a bit of polishing, and the action definitely feels nicer, and the trigger pull lighter. I should have done a before and after measurement with the trigger pull gauge but I didn't.

I wasn’t thrilled with the aesthetics of the textured black stock at first, but the more I handle it, I appreciate the functionality and it is growing on me. Nice short, handy little carbine which hopefully will be fun with a suppressor.

Sorry for the indoor pics, it’s raining today. Even though this thing is built with that in mind, I didn’t feel like getting it or me wet today.

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Wanted to update this post after a little more time with the Marlin 1894CST. After trying to load and feed a few dummy rounds, I found it difficult to load more than the first round in the side loading gate. I took the rifle apart to look a little more closely. The magazine tube spring was really long, I suspect the same dimension spring may be used on longer magazine tube models? I didn't pull the spring out of my 24" 1894 Cowboy model to confirm, but I did take the opportunity to shorten it up a bit on the CST. I also did some polishing on the throat for the side gate bullet feeder in the receiver, and chamfered the magazine tube ID where it meets the receiver, as I think the case rim was hanging it up a bit. Also put in a lighter weight hammer spring I had in the parts bin. After a little break-in with the magazine spring (loading and cycling dummy rounds, and leaving six the magazine tube for a day or two), it was loading much better.

I had a chance to get out to the range a couple times with it. Probably put 100 rounds of .357 handloads through it, and tried a few .38 special SWCs also. Accuracy with the .38 SWCs was not great beyond 50 yards (consistent with my experience in my other .357 rifles), but the .357 rounds worked well. I was knocking down the steel silhouettes pretty consistently at 100 meters with the ammo I shoot through my other .357 rifles. Now I need to work up a subsonic load for it to use with a suppressor.


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