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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by M.Link, Dec 29, 2009.

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    The other day I bought a pain of Raine inc. EMT shears. The main reason I picked them is it said Made in USA on the package. When I opened them, they said Stainless Pakistan! I am really upset! I emailed Raine and they offered to refund my money and return shipping, but honestly the ten bucks isn't worth my time to go through all of the BS. What do you guys do when this happens to you?
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    If you still have the packaging and the shears, I would deliver them along with your letter to Raine and their response to the Oregon Attorney Generals Office comsumer fraud department.

    I had a beef with a company I was trying to cancel a service with that was giving me the run around and trying to get me not to cancel and eventually went to the Attorney Generals office and got the problem solved, although it took a while.
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    Sounds like they are using up old packaging. My company shifts production around all the time between plants and packaging is always a PITA.
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    I had more of a conversation with their manger and explained how they used a generic package for the item. Normally the put a sticker over the made in usa part. He seemed like a nice guy and said if I had any questions about country of origin on any other products he would help me figure out exactly where they came from, including other companys products. He told me that 95% or more of their stuff is US made and only a few things are not just so they can have competitive prices. He also said that his company offers most of its import stuff in American made versions too for just a small price increase. I don't know who would buy a cheaper version of something that comes from another country just to save a few bucks. What's the matter with people?

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