I've had the 1/8" plastic corrugated board for a while. It was time to put it to the intended use. Board size (mine) = 24" x 48"
Thought to share pics of the end results. The stand portion is next.
A backer of the same material will be contact cemented to the back for rigidity.
Line layout (Either way will work, why reinvent the wheel?)

The stand. (portable)
Legs= 1-1/4" Thin-wall electrical conduit. (4 @ 6ft)
Top-Rail = 1/2" Thin-wall electrical conduit. (1 @ 5ft)
1/2" metal holesaw to drill the legs so they scissor
*note* Target board is sliced to allow top-rail to key into it. Like weaving a basket ;)
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Sorry. Multi tasking. Use the lines seen in the material. I laid the material so the lines run left/right for uniformity and less lay out. Lines cut up and down from that about 1-1/4"

I get that on the construction, but are you going to mount it so the lines are verticle or horizontal when you commence to shootin' them clays?
This would be a perfect addition for a 'shooting game' I have proposed to many - who want to give it a try - OK it starts by breaking it down into gun categories such as lever action rifle, semi auto pistol, revolver etc. The game would consist of a 'buy in ' of say 25 clays at a buck a piece. The competitors would compete in the particular gun category they choose. For example lever action rifles with open irons at 100 yards. It wouldn't matter if it were .22 or 45/70 as long as it's a lever action with open sights. So each shooter takes 25 shots at the 25 clays and high score takes all. I have many who want to give this a try as like a 'monthly' game.
I shoot 9, 45, 357, 223, 762 and a few other hunting calibers at this target. It lasts a LONG time compared to others. And cheaper I feel. When the target board gets real holey (use your own judgment), contact another board to the facing board and carry on. I haven't shot the clay board enough yet to try it. But these boards should last a decent amount of time before having to worry about it.
If you decide to shoot shotgun at it, it's not going to last.


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