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I'm wanting to make a legal sawed off shotgun, so I'm looking for a side by side that is still good mechanically. It can have some dings and messed up finish, or even a barrel that is messed up at the tip, as long as the barrels are still tight to the rib and the action locks up with no big cracks in the tang of the stock. 12 gauge is preferred due to the amount of ammo I already have for it, but I'm open to 20 gauge also.

My inspiration is Mad Max, so it will be a pistol grip sawed off. If the buttstock is held on by the tang screws, that will make it nice and easy. I'm open to see what's out there though.

I'd prefer to pay less than $200, but I am flexible depending on the gun. I can definitely do more if the shotgun is newer and in decent shape.

Here is a picture of a gun that is along the lines of what I am wanting to do.

sawed off.jpg
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