Long Range Shooting near Estacada / Sandy Area

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    Hi guys, I tried doing a search because I know this has probably been asked before, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for so here it goes...

    I just bought a new Remington 700 7mm rem mag and I wanted to take it out and put a few rounds through it. I live out in Eagle Creek (new to the area), so driving out to the national forest past Estacada is no problem. I'd like to find a spot where I can have at least 100 yards, preferably at least 300, but if I can get a 100 that would be good enough, with a good back stop and somewhere where the forest rangers won't get upset. Any ideas?

    I have shot up at the rock quarry, which is good for hand guns and shotguns but rifle not so much. Plus, it makes me a little nervous when I go there and there are 15+ people all shooting various guns in various directions, with not much regard for safety. So if I can avoid the rock quarry I do.

    I'd prefer somewhere that's a little more secluded (if possible, if not no biggie), don't mind the extra driving. I don't want to join a gun club, I'd rather buy a new firearm each year with the 300+ annual tuition. Plus there's something about being out in the woods with a big gun that I enjoy.

    Any secret, legal, safe, 100+ yard spots that anyone knows of?

    Also, what do you guys think about making a main thread that would be listed at the very top of this section? It would have an updated (every so often) master list of all the free + legal outdoor shooting sites in each area? Everyone could post their favorite spots around where they live, someone can compile them and we'd have a main list. What do you think? Just an idea.

    Thanks guys.

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