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    I've had this FS2k for the last ~18 months and it just hasn't gotten enough range time in the last year so I think it's time to let it go.

    I bought it new and have run a total of maybe 400 rounds through it - all quite enjoyable and without incident.

    Some pics of the FS2k with tri-rail frong, bag and factory cleaning kit (last pic, green): Photo Album - Imgur

    Not pictured but included:
    - the smooth / original front (I upgraded to the tri-rail for $100+)
    - the factory box with whatever else (papers?) came with the FS2k new
    - four or five more (non-FN) magazines - all of which have worked flawlessly

    MSRP for the FS2k is $2780, I see them available new on Gun Genie for around $2360 and 'never fired'/new for as low as $1650 on gunbroker.com. Given the included fs2k-fitted bag, original/smooth front grip and spare mags, I think I'll be asking $1550 for the package in a fact-to-face sale somewhere in the mid-valley.

    I would consider an FN Five-seveN + cash in trade though :)
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