Alright, so this one has been on the burner for a while, but now that summer is here, is brought back to the fore. We're looking for an ultra light, ultra short, semi-automatic rifle for the Señora. This machine (PS90) looks like it would fit the bill. However, at a minimum, we'd like to have her handle one before an acquisition is made. If it works, I'll SBR and thread it for a can.

Anyone know of a shop between, say Eugene and the California border, that has one in inventory? (I can order one direct, but at that price-point, I'd rather we try before we buy.)

Thanks much.
Sportsmans Warehouse has been having these on their shelves quite regularly.

Two have come and gone at the one in Hillsboro, I cried each time I’d go in and it not be there for me to play real life Goldeneye for a few moments.

One day, I’ll join you in owning one. That and a Turbo K to go with it.
Thanks for the heads up on Sportsmans. The closes one doesn't seem to ever have them, but we can check elsewhere. I'm told there is a large gunshop in Grants Pass, but haven't been.

P.S. No idea on the consoles. I think the last one I played was the NES back in the 80s/90s. :p
Buddy if mine has one that he SBRd. They are a little funky at first, but once you get used to it they handle great.
Used it for bunnies one year, 5.7 with ballistic tips is about perfect for them. :)
Give a holler if you all want to take a drive to Ashland Gun Club and shoot one, as well as a five seven.

If there’s a range between us that may work as well, just not a fan of BLM/public land anymore tho.

This weekends out, but the following should be fine.

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