Ligerthane belt

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by juandelaselva, Oct 6, 2010.

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    I found a couple of reviews for you.

    My review of the new "Liger" belt from MAXPEDITION - THR

    KTOG Forum - Liger gun belt review

    Reviews for Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt, Blackout LGB150BO, Available options Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt, Blackout - Size 36 - View or add your review!

    I'm actually in the market for another belt and it looks interesting. Not sure about wearing that buckle with 'dress slacks' though. Based on the photograph below it would look pretty weird.

    I wonder if the Maxpedition guys are Napoleon Dynamite fans? Does the belt provide any magic powers or nunchuk skills? :)
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    Pay $69 for a Pleather belt? that'll be the day!
  4. Bill Siegle

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    I have been wearing one for about 3 years now. Very nice belt I think. No apreciable wear other than marks on the buckle from lifting steel at work. Works great as a gun belt as I have not found any holsters or carriers that will slip on the stuff.
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    I do like the buckle kinda cool.

    Still cheaper to make your own and you know your getting real leather and not leather over cardboard like the off the rack stores.

    You can order the leather strips for a few dollars and you can put what ever buckle you want on it.

    Best of all if you are a belt size of 37.5" with out a holster you can punch/drill it for that. Strap on your holster measure and mark the 38.75 punch/drill and perfect fit every time. When you order off the rack of a belt that is pre-punched well the standard 1" or 3/4" spacing may not fit you.

    You also dont have to settle for 1.5" and you can match the color and size of your holster "My galco is 2" loops" my levies are 2" loops".

    There is not much tooling required razor blade andf a drill with some bits and a metal ruler for a strait edge Tanning and dyeing is not to complex lots of toutorials online. You can change the buckle for the occasion casual or dress and Best of all Made in the USA by you.

    Never use Rivets for the buckle use Chicago Type Screws, The keeper can be made to fit you from the excess you cut off the blank after finishing using a razor knife straightedge and a large sewing needle and nylon thread I used dental floss!

    Some Sources For Blanks With Decent Prices..
    (Best Value)
    Tandy Leather Factory - Natural Cowhide Leather Strips
    Unfinished Blanks..
    Leather Strips - Zack White Leather Company
    Finished Blanks
    Finished Plain Belt Blanks - Belts & Hardware - Zack White Leather Company
    More Blanks
    Belt Blanks & Belt Strips - Springfield Leather Co. Inc.
    Large Belt Straps. 2"-3"
    Colored, Leather Strips - Zack White Leather Company
    Natural, Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather Strips-Standard Length - Leather Strips - Zack White Leather Company

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