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Hi all,

Intending to sell this as a complete package but if the carrier is not needed we can work something out.

These are LTC 26605 plates. Swimmer cut, 10x12 multicurve so they fit your body, and level 4 which will stop up to a 30-06 AP.

They weight 6.9 lbs each.

The carrier is a banshee with some mods to make the shoulders more comfortable, as well as a BFG triple 10 speed pouch on the front that will fit 3x 5.56 mags, and a tactical tailor magnetic/velcro double pistol mag pouch on the cummerbund. It’s fairly used as I have had it about 5 years. I had steel plates in it the majority of that time. The ceramic plates are fresh. 736AE2D6-C4C1-48C9-9BE3-2E9F177FCDC6.jpeg

The plate carrier has been rattle canned and worn off, washed and cleaned up a bit. The splotches on the mag pouch are just water from wiping off some dust.

The plates are 95% of the value in this deal, I’m just trying to put together a complete package for someone who doesn’t want to screw around buying stuff separate.

Date of MFG is 2020. The 5 year warranty is not an expiration date, and these plates have been stored in a climate controlled house except for brief trips to the range. They have not been dropped, jumped on, soaked, or abused.
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