WTS/WTT OR Left Hand Holsters, glock 19/23 with light, Beretta 92/92

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    first is a custom kydex OWB that fits a G19/23 with Surefire x200/300. It was originally designed for the x200, and the x300 is a little longer. The pic shows my 19x with x300, so it sticks out a little. Used but in excellent condition. $35 shipped OBO
    Second is Blackhawk Serpa that fits a Beretta 92/96, no mounting system. $15 shipped
    Sell both for $40 shipped.
    Open to trades for AR parts.
    ADF2185E-C420-44B8-A530-D51D14631697.jpeg 299D0AC9-AE7E-4E43-9230-A056B919CD57.jpeg 62435859-FB20-47A2-B5BD-1B08F8E3CAF4.jpeg 569A7EEA-A490-4B9B-AFAB-1DD92906DA8D.jpeg 0CC11DBC-0941-46C6-AB59-617D7C8749A7.jpeg

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