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LDI OTAL-A green laser, Surefire M961, Surefire M500, Lasermax, etc.

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by AR_PSYCHO, Jun 1, 2013.


    AR_PSYCHO Beaverton Active Member

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    I have a Laser Device, Inc. OTAL-A green (not red) visible carbine laser. Read up about the specs and the price here: LDI OTAL-A Visible Aiming Laser ? Tactical Night Vision Company

    It's boss, and it's small and light. I love this thing and it's fairly visible even during the day. I have a remote Surefire Remote Dual Switch for Weaponlight + ATPIAL Laser Device that links it to a Surefire M961XM07 weaponlight. Specs here: SureFire SR-D-IT Remote Dual Switch for Weaponlight + ATPIAL

    SureFire M961XM07 Millenium Universal WeaponLight

    As you can see I have a buttload of money invested into these. I love them, but I'm moving to smaller weaponlights now.

    LDI OTAL-A: $725
    Remote dual switch: $40
    Surefire-M961XM07: $225

    If you buy them all together, I will let you have the entire package $1000, rifle(s) not included obviously. Pics:

    Esstac Boar MOLLE vest for 6x - 5.56 stanag mags. Also included 4 double stack pistol mag pouches. I really like the setup, but I've gone to a belt setup mostly, and don't really use this much anymore. Specs: Esstac Chest Rig, Boar

    I'd do $80 firm

    I have a Surefire M500A dedicated carbine weaponlight with a KT4 bezel (just like an M500B now) w/ white LED nav lights. $225 SPF

    Remington 870 Hogue shortened length of pull buttstock. Great for your kid or the Mrs. Or a short Asian dude like myself :) $30

    CMMG LPK. I panicked and bought it when LPK's were stupid high, but I really don't need another. $65

    Lasermax Glock 19 guide rod laser. I love it and used it for a long time in my CCW. An excellent accessory for your Glock with needing a special holster. $200

    100rds of 8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm), Yugo I believe, all on strippers. $50 - Sold to JV100

    Flak Jacket $20 - you come to me for this price.

    Ammo can w/ 5.7x28mm once fired brass. $25 - you come to me for this price.

    Everything is FTF SW Portland, preference given towards that. Shipping will cost extra. Thanks for looking.

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013

    AR_PSYCHO Beaverton Active Member

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    Make me offers guys. I'll hear out trades as well.