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    First off I hate that leftist "news" organization CNN. I have it blocked from my channel line up on all of my Direct TV boxes at home. However, I'm not at home at the moment.

    I was channel surfing and as I went by CNN I saw Larry Pratt trying to calmly explain to that idiot Wolf Blitzer the polls saying "91% of gun owners are for stronger background checks" are bunk. He told Blitzer you can get a poll to say anything you want if you ask the right people. Pratt tried to tell Blitzer the GOA and the NRA did their own poll and they both showed less than 5% of the respondents were in favor of stronger background checks. Blitzer tried his best to interrupt but Pratt to his credit finished his thought.

    There was more to this and of course CNN's next story on the "gun debate" was (probably) an emotional tear jerking interview with Gabby Giffords and that lying husband of her's that would undoubtably make everyone want to march in the streets calling on Congress to outlaw all guns. But I didn't make it that far. I think I ended up on Duck Commander then Hickok45's youtube channel.

    Way to go Larry Pratt!! :thumbup:

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