Lane County Needs To Step Up

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    Let's turn it up and put some more pressure on the Lane County Commissioners to adopt a resolution supporting the Second Amendment.

    In 2015 Oregonians will be facing new legislation and gun laws targeting your rights protected under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    On February 03, 2015 Lane Country Commissioners were scheduled to discuss and/or adopt - - IN THE MATTER OF A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS - which would have sent a clear message to lawmakers in Salem to leave your rights alone. Commissioner Bozievich (chair) decided to postpone this resolution until May or June.

    Other Counties in Oregon have already adopted similar resolutions this year and Lane County should not be waiting to see what else the anti-gun folks can dream up.

    Please visit
    for further information.

    Dear Lane County Commissioners,

    As a citizen of Lane County I'm urging you and your fellow commissioners to adopt without delay the resolution titled - IN THE MATTER OF A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS that was before the board on February 03, 2015 that has since been postponed.

    Lane County should be leading instead of sitting on the fence, informing the legislators in Salem that we strongly oppose any further bills that would restrict our Second Amendment rights in any way, shape or form.

    If you agree, write, e-mail or call the Lane County Commissioners
    (if sending e-mail, please cc all)

    Commissioner Jay Boezievich (Chair) ---

    Commissioner Pete Sorenson ---

    Commissioner Sid Leiken ---

    Commissioner Pat Farr ---

    Commissioner Faye Stewart ---

    Lane County Board of Commissioners
    125 East 8th Avenue
    Eugene, OR 97401

    ph - 541-682-4203
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