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Kunst history museum, Wein Germany

That is the Historical Art Museum of Vienna (Austria) BTW.
I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice my mistake, :).

As for the German historical museum in Berlin, is it located on or near museum island? I tried to go to every museum there, but never saw any firearms. The technical museum a ways away from mitte had a few ww2 planes, older cars and train engines.


The DHM is on the Unter den Linden near the tomb of the unknown soldier. The gun collection is in the basement.

I saw it before the wall came down. I was in the museum with a friend, another American, and noticed some things that were written about the 1948 elections.

I confronted the attendant and he took the opportunity to lay into us about how we as Americans didn’t understand socialism or their history... blah... blah... blah...

East Germans were sort of conditioned to avoid stuff like that so the gallery cleared our while he lectured us. He lectured us in German and watched everyone leave. Then leaned in and whispered he was sorry but it was expected of him. Would we like to see the guns?

Oh yes we did! An hour on a private tour in a locked basement crammed floor to ceiling with every German gun imaginable from Schutzen rifles to zeeilings and dreilings to one of every Mauser Ever. All the prototypes for the STG44 and all the late was desperation weapons. All the while asking about America and what things were really like there.

It was a once in a lifetime visit but their collection is amazing.


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