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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by M.Link, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I want to trade my Kimber for a smaller 1911 in .45. I have a Custom TLE II, blued, with 5" barrel, night sights and two mags. Very nice gun. Don't know round count, got it used, dosnt look like a whole lot. Small wear on slide. Looking for a 4" barrelled 1911 or similar only. Stainless or blued is fine. I want a US made one, Kimber, S&W, DW, high end Springfield, Colt or others. I love this gun and I'm fine with just keeping it. I like to switch thing up every one in a while so here it is.
  2. M.Link

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    NEW trades wanted and cash price ----- Will take 850 obo. Trades are - AK, AR, AK/AR pistols, Glocks, good carry guns (9mm,38 or bigger). My goal is a ok AK and a Glock 19 for carry. Trades need to be close to 850 in value. Send me any offer you have! Can email pics right away!

    Also very interested in a "Sniper rifle", would like 308, 300 winmag, 7mm or any other magnum.
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    Is it still available?
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