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Kel-Tec SU-16C 5.56 / .223 Semi-Auto Rifle includes 5, 30rd mags

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by thejuggernaut, May 30, 2010.

  1. thejuggernaut

    thejuggernaut PDX Member

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    Kel-Tec offers a few varieties of the SU-16 “AR” type carbine, all of which accept both 5.56 and .223, and use AR magazines. This one has an under-folding stock which can fold over a 30 round magazine (while the mag is in the gun) and it can be fired while the stock is folded. The fore-end can fold open and split to become a bi-pod. This rifle uses gas-piston operation as many of the newer AR variants are these days, but at 4.7 lbs unloaded, this is the lightest AR type rifle on the market. I bought this rifle new, have fired about 200 rounds through it and kept it very clean – still like new.

    Here are details from the Kel-Tec site:

    And a review:

    Several people have PMd be about trades. I'll include this in my add to start with next time, but updating to include possible trade interests now. I would prefer to trade for CA$H, but... I might be tempted to trade if anyone had a Berretta CX4 in 9mm, or a Glock 20 (newer gen with rail on the front). I also kind of have a thing for Sigs (though I don't own any yet besides a Mosquito) particularly the newer 229/226 SCT models. Aside from that, feel free to ask about anything else, but the older and less tacti-cool the less likely I would be interested. Thanks!
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    Please close the thread by going to the top of the ad and under thread tools it will give you the option to "close Thread"

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