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Discussion in 'Shotgun Classifieds' started by belcher, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Hey there.
    had plans for this awesome shotgun, life changeD and have no purpose for this now.
    bought new at bimart in vancouver.
    Zero shells fired, brand new!
    Only pulled out of packaging to assemble, and take pictures.
    still has packing/ storage grease intact from factory.
    so what you get..
    brand new benelli nova 12 gauge 28" ribbed barrel fiber front sight with bead at center barrel shoot's 3.5 mag full synthetic pump.
    looks, and feels amazing.
    also package includes a field & stream camo insulated soft case (fits like a glove) I belive I paid $75 for, a cabelas full length weather proof shotgun sock ($15)
    Box, and paperwork and all three chokes from factory,choke tool, plus 2 boxes of estate target/game loads, and 1 box of federal 00BK 9 pellet(55 shello total=$20 or so).
    Gun on sale was 379+tax/FFL fees came out to around $410 (which is the cheapest I could find one anywhere, and we'll under msrp)+ around $110 worth of gear/ammo. $500 cash or trade.
    I would do just gun for $410 cash firm ftf vancouver area. wdl required!
    manufacture date is 7/10/14
    1: xd9+ammo.
    2: xd45 any colors (no compacts).
    3:xdm 9mm, or 45 in any color or configuration.
    7: semi auto stoeger camo a +.
    8:1911 (any make) "commander" style.
    ps: please no beat up home worked firearms, and if you have another trade in mind that's in my favor shoot.
    thanks for reading.:) 20141106_174145.jpg 20141106_174145.jpg 20141106_173521.jpg 20141106_174145.jpg 20141106_173521.jpg 20141106_173349.jpg


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