Keeping An Ear To The Ground While At Home

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dyjital, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Dyjital

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    I'm an alert person or that's what I tell myself.

    There are rare times when I have music going and I can't hear what's going on outside of my house - rare occasion.

    A few minutes ago this happens:
    Sitting at the kitchen table eating and I hear these screams from outside: "No, no, no.. GO!.."

    I jump up like a bat out of hell and run to the door, throw it open like the sash in 'Twas the night before Christmas' to see what was a matter....

    I see a lady walking left (south) on the sidewalk in front our house. Then I look across the street and the neighbor on the corner is coming out... Then we both see...

    His dog. Chocolate lab. Tail between her legs and as low as a dog can get and still crawling from the sidewalk into their yard. The same lab that was barking and snarling at us last fall/summer in our driveway when the other neighbors called it theirs. This isn't the first aggressive move by this animal, earlier I noticed it outside in the yard so I walked outside to see if it would come across the street. It didn't. I don't fault the current owner, he has another dog prior to the Lab and it's a well behaved dog. I place the fault squarely on the other neighbor.

    I was ready to offer a beat down if there was somebody being hurt or an attempted abduction...


    Two days ago I scalded scolded my 12 year old boy because he was in the backyard screaming like a girl for some dumbass reason, probably just to make noise. I explained that screams and such are for emergencies ONLY.

    Yes our house is quiet, you can hear the fridge running and when the furnace pump kicks on and off.

    Who else is the unofficial neighborhood watch? (I'm an at home dad so between my wife and I, somebody is almost always home - day and night)

    What would you do if you walked upon that situation? (Where the dog was actively engaging the person)
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  2. CoastRange57

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    The neighbors a few years ago had some strange sh*tbags living in a pickup on their property. Kept a pit bull chained to it. By neighbors, closest is about 75 yards away. That pit bull got loose and attacked the persons yappy dog and then attacked the person in their own yard.

    The old boy that lived next door hollers at me to get my gun and come over there and he goes over there, all 80 years old and breaks an oak branch he picked up of the ground over that pit bulls head. The pit bull pulls back and starts to run off, I get two shots (9mm) in and miss. The dog stops out there about 50 yards. I holler for the wife to bring me my AR, which she does and I hold a position between everybody and this circling crazed dog. Put a couple rounds down in front of it a couple times to make my point.

    Medics get there to treat the lady, and the SO shows up, and it takes 3 of them with AR's and 2 animal control dudes to contain this dog. Dog got put down, and the convict squatters sent packing.

    We have an active drug house in the hood about 1/2 mile away. There is a pretty steady flow of foot traffic, (weird out in the rural) all kinds of POS cars, and late night traffic, all that gets recorded on cameras and two trail cams. 6 of us in the rural hood on a group text list that probably gets 3 notifications a day of the local sh*tbag traffic. Coupe of young stay at home moms in the hood have a group of us on the instant text message thing too. One text will get about 5 of us all armed there in about 4 minutes.

    The regular shi*bags know what is up, it is the new buyers who cause the trouble, but they are dealt with pretty fast too.
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  3. 308

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    Scalding your son seems a bit harsh.
    Perhaps a few firm words expressing your disapproval may have worked better :)
  4. ROCKintheUSSA

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    You bad!

    I like that :)
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  5. clearconscience

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    I do the same thing.
    Any loud noise or talking and I'm in the shadows investigating.
    Every night before I go upstairs I turn out all the lights and just look outside for a few mins.

    Our neighborhood has a lot of traffic, there's a 3way stop in front of our house.
    And it angers me to no end that people run the stop sign all day everyday.

    The neighbor kids (kinda dirtbags) (but so was I) play basketball in front of my house. I've yelled at them a couple times, but I was out in front of my house until 11pm almost every night shooting hoops too, so I can be too mad.
    Better than doing drugs, drinking, or other things.
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  6. Dyjital

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    135* tap water... I could scald.
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  7. Joe13

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    Live in a large urban neighborhood but our street is not very busy as there are literally dozens of ways to get to a main road from anywhere around us, so our street is fairly quiet.

    Neighbors on both sides of me have home businesses and are home all day, as are the two retired couples that live across the street from those neighbors.

    Some have kids and grandkids outside on the regular so I do turn on the radio or music for some noise to drown out the low level background stuff (oh and just about everyone has between 1-6 dogs).

    If I hear noise louder then the regular I'm just one of the busy bodies that ends up out on the street looking around to see what's up.

    Last time someone let off an m80 or maybe bigger firecracker outside the 4th there were 5 of us in the middle of the street talking about where we thought it came from and who did it (we knew but didn't turn anyone in or call the cops or any BS). As long as it isn't harming anyone else, my neighborhood is fairly laid back.

    I know lots of people bring up threads on how to get rid of vermin in urban areas but around here you don't need a silencer - just don't be stupid enough to miss and hit the house next door.
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  8. Sstrand

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    You may be on to something here . . . I can't tell you how many times my mom told me that if I continued to do something stupid I'd be in "hot water!"

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  9. mjbskwim

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    I got called the neighborhood mom last week. I tell folk around here I lived where they filmed the show cops. (Lakewood,wa)
    So yeah I watch what's going on around my home. This place is kinda like sequim where, for the most part,folk leave each other alone but are reading to take care of problems pretty quick.
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  10. Scott F

    Scott F
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    After many years of living in a small cabin in the woods my wife and I now live in an apartment. I nice weather kids play outside and we both enjoy the sound of play and laughter. However, on blood curdling scream will have me out the door ready to draw my 1911. There is one little girl who screams all the time gust for the fun of it. She has caused my investigations to become a regular exercise program.

    We raised six kids, three of each. My wife did not put up with necessary screaming. I really wish this child's parents would do the same.
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  11. orygun

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    The loudest thing in our house is the TV. In the shop the air compressor makes a bit of noise. Loud noises in the neighborhood have my attention and I will investigate.
    Fortunately it's usually nothing, but I always feel the need to check.
  12. nammac

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    Always being aware of your surroundings and what's going on. Knowing the neighbors is not a bad thing either.

    May come a time in the very near future when neighbors need to band together to protect their quiet and serene neighborhoods:rolleyes:

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