Kahr K9 vs Kahr P9

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Bello425, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Has anyone shot both? What is your opinion on them good/ bad? I've shot the K9, but not the P9. I like the way the K9 feels in the hand, how does the P9 compare. How is the recoil, yeah I know it's a 9mm, but never shot a polymer as small as the P9. What ammo does the P9 like or dislike? Give me the good or bad, thanks.
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    i have ;-)

    The k9 is too heavy imo for the kind of fire power it offers. the k9 in its own right is a great gun, but i sold it and got a p9 to replace it. the polymer light weight is amazing. the p9 recoils in a different manner than its steel framed counterpart. kind of the difference in how a glock 17 vs an all metal framed sig or cz recoils. there's a softer touch. and it'll eat up speer gold dots, winchester ranger hp ammo w/o issue. it'll also feed all kinds of fmj ball ammo. I tried a few aluminum cased speer cci fmj as well and they worked w/o issue.

    the k9 will be thicker generally and actually more unforgiving on the middle finger under the trigger guard. But with a hogue handall I found the p9 to fit my hand quite well and a softer touch under the trigger guard. I also had a mk9 and got to try a friend's pm9 side by side, and found the polymer versions to be just easier guns to shoot. there were some reports that Kahr had problems with the trigger bar in polymer frames back in the early years but have really ironed out the issue in the last 5 years. hope that was informative.
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    I love my k9, if you want polymer, go glock. Frankly I think the earlier all steel Kahr's are the easiest shooting compact 9's out there.
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    I have relatively small hands and the K9 fits my hand better than any other handgun I have tried (and I've tried 'em all!). If it's comfortable in the hand, it will contribute to accurate shooting. Other's prefer the polymer Kahr's, but I've always felt that the Steel-framed Kahr's were the best-kept secret in the concealed carry pistol market. The feel of a full-sized gun, in a compact & thin package, with a little bit of weight to it, to make it feel like a real gun. My custom K9 Elite '03 is the one handgun I would never think of getting rid of. They're good-lookin' too!


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