K-Var Saiga 12 Handguard for K-Var AK-74 Handguard Set

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    Hi All,

    I mistakingly ordered a K-Var Saiga 12 handguard that won't fit my Saiga 12 because of a permanently attached upper handguard rear retaining clip. I will probably send this back to K-Var shortly and order a standard AK handguard set, but if there is anyone local that would like to exchange it for a spare K-Var AK-74 style handguard set, that'd save me a bunch of shipping. The picture shows the new Saiga handguard with retaining clip (will attach directly to a standard Saiga 12 with no modifications). Also shown on the rifle at the bottom is the handguard style I'd like to be able to exchange it for.

    This link shows what the Saiga handguard will look like attached to a Saiga 12: Customize your Saiga 12...

    This is a link to the actual handguard kit I'd like to trade: Saiga-12 Parts & Accessories

    (The laminated Saiga 12 stock set is currently not for sale.)


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