Is this true?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by IheartGUNS, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I read on my friend fb page that 4 companys support Dianne Feinstein & her Gun Grabbing ways.

    Heineken USA
    McDonald's Corp
    Coca-Cola Co
    Carl's Jr Restaurant

    If it is true then HA! I don't do any of them anyway.
  2. Mark W.

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    Unless someone comes up with some offical statement from these companies this is nothing but a rumor.

    Personally I seriously doubt a company as big or as tuned into PR as McD's would do anything to alienate such a huge section of their customer base. After watching the Papa Johns and Chick Filet blow up over Gays I seriously doubt they would be into the idea of pissing off 80 million gun owners.
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    Mark's on the money.

    Even Denny's wouldn't state a policy against (African-Americans, People of Color, Negroes, or Blacks), even though such was fully engaged and proven at numerous locations.

    I have a measure of empathy toward the above group(s), as I and my party were turned away at Denny's: We Be Whiteass Crackers. We were not allowed in Denny's in Fairbanks Alaska, because we'd just gotten off a bush plane out of sheep camp and hadn't had a bath (we looked it, but did the best we could to spruce up).

    Put THAT in your Denny's patronage pipe and smoke it. Not the first time or the last time I have experienced discrimination (for one or a number of criterea, including military service). It did grant me a perspective to share with members of my extended family who percieved immediate discrimination based on race.

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