Inline Scope Cam Mod?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by bogeycentral, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Been looking at the GoPro's and Contour cameras for a bit now and finally settled on a GoPro. I have found picatinny rain mounts for both cameras and always see them mounted to the side. Has anyone seen a setup or tried to create one where the camera and scope/red dot could be used inline so you could record the video? Would be great for target shooting or sage rat expeditions. I would think the Countour might be easier given the shape of the camera, but the GoPro is such a small camera.
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    The problem with mounting most cameras on top of a rifle is the Bore Height. If you have a camera with the lens located low enough in the camera body it would be no problem. The higher you mount a scope and in this case a scope/camera assembly the greater the error due to "cant".

    What would be nice would be a small "Pinhole" type camera with mounting ring that could be screwed into the occular lens of a scope and then the LCD screen side mounted like on the small video cameras.

    Of course there is this option which merely screws into the eyepiece. <broken link removed>

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