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Needs a tiny little ammo can

Lakeside Machine made miniature copies of your basic 30 cal can while they were still in business and selling their LM7s.

Regarding the LM7... they were the closest thing you could get in recent times and used the same basic action as the 1919 Tippmans like in the video above but mounted on an AR15 or M16. They are a blast to shoot especially on a M16 and could be had in long or short barrel set ups. My preference is the 7” barrel with a Gemtech Hornet screwed on the end. They show up used from time to time and use the same little belts like the 1919 miniature. I was one of the original LM7 depositors and have an early model. They are a blast to shoot and (relatively) inexpensive to blast away with. Mine is partial to mini mags but I’ve heard blazer works too. The kicker is the belts... as they are no longer made and if you find an LM7 get your hands on as many belts as you can find.
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