If you bought a Glock Gen4 pistol before July 22, 2011 . . .

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    Just got this info from a wholesaler. Hope some of you find it useful.


    Gen4 Recoil Spring Notification

    On September 6, 2011, GLOCK Inc. began voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring
    assembly (RSA) on Gen4 pistols sold before July 22, 2011. GLOCK's product development
    team has modified various elements of the RSA to ensure each pistol's performance
    meets the company's demanding standards. With several variations of the RSA in
    the market today, GLOCK's goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the
    RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol.

    Please note the Gen4, G26 and G27 models do not require a modified recoil spring.

    Unless a directive is mandated by your agency or your store, the replacement of
    the Gen4 pistol's RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process.
    Agencies or consumers wishing to participate in the exchange program at no charge
    are urged to call 1-877-745-8523 to order their new RSA.

    For more information on the details of the exchange program, visit GLOCK.

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