Identifying a Colt 1918 WW I 1911

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Eddywangchang, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hello fellow NWFA'ers!
    Can any of you 1911 connoisseurs and history fans help me identify this 1918 1911? I found it for sale recently, but would like to confirm the authenticity before I commit to such a purchase!
    Below are a two photos the gun in question, help me with knowing identifying markers that would suggest this is an original 1911, or whether it wreaks of a replica! (such as the replica colt made of the 1918 1911, Hickok45 made a video of his 1918 1911 replica)

    There seems to be a (very) faded horse of the primary side of the gun near the safety that suggests it is a 1918 1911.
    Underneath the slide in front of the triggers seems to be some text that is indiscernible at the current resolution, probably the US government markings.
    Front sight is the half moon which suggests it is a WW I era 1911.
    Large trigger suggests it could be a 1911 not a 1911a1.
    250,000 serial numbers suggests it is a 1918 1911.
    Hammer appears to be correct.
    Overall finish looks kinda old... meaning it could be 1918 1911 or someone accelerated the aging process of a three year old 1911...

    I still haven't held the gun in my hands yet, so I'm certain about anything I just posted!

    Also, if you guys could provide me with anything I should look for on the gun, that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
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    ID Gallery, 1918. You'll want good crisp pictures to check for a refinish, proper markings, proper small parts, etc. There's no mag shown in the pics, which proper mags can run $100+ quick. Find Clawson's book and start reading, then read read read and hope you don't miss something!

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