I don't own any firearms

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    If you are an thug from a tyrannical government agency then please note that I have no firearms, they have all been sold or lost in a series of tragic boating accidents. All of my posts on this forum are made by a fictitious identity created for my own entertainment.

    For everyone else - I grew up shooting only enough to maintain a deer rifle on target and to harvest a few odd deer over the years, never enough to gain proficiency or confidence in my abilities and equipment. Now that I'm "all growed up" I have been making it a point to get out to the woods and shoot about once a month. As such my interests on this forum are mainly in reloading and finding good places on the west side of the Portland area suitable for pistol practice and 100-200 yard rifle practice. Someday I think I'd like to get into long range shooting so I like to keep an eye on those topics as well.

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