I am looking at Colt Defender CCW

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by uban77, Nov 4, 2010.

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    CCW. My favorite pistol is my S&W M&P 45. But it is a full size pistol. Lets stay with 45 acp for this topic. I have a Krha cw45 but I am not liking the way it shoots for me. I finding it hard to get a good double tap. Its slow to the target on the second shoot. The Krha also is have feed problems. Coming to battery problems. With the S&W, and the same ammo, no problems. So I am looking at the Colt Defender. I am hoping that the 3 more oz. will make the shooting more enjoyable.
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    My friend has a Kimber Ultra Carry II I think, the real short alloy frame one. Its light but it shot just as good and seem to have less recoil than a stainless officer's model I used to have. I have personally noticed that in some guns, lighter actually reduces the amount of recoil for me. Examples are I had the scandium frame 44 magnum 329 pd, I would fire 240 gr loads and it was stout but manageable. I recently fired a friends model 629 4 inch barrel. Much heavier gun, same grips, 240 gr ammo and it really hurt. Now, the same rings true for the compact .45 acp models. I think your choice of the Colt Defender would reward you in terms of reliability and shooting comfort.
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    i have a colt compact .45, it is a delight to shoot and is very accurate.it is nice and small yet feels great in your hands ,and will conceal easily .it will also except larger 45 mags. they shortened the barrel and grip. now the colt commander has a shortened barrel but full size grip.i think i payed 500. pretty reasonable.

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