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    I just thought I would put a post up here in the hunting section, if this violates any rules feel free to remove this post.

    This is great open hunting area, you could take some really long shots if necessary. I usually set my blind up near the animal trail which happens to cross the NW corner of the property. 2 Years ago I had a 6 pointer walk within a few yards of me, I could have shot him with a handgun. This is the main trail for the animals going to the lake. In the last few years I've only seen one other guy up there hunting with his son and they had to walk in and camp, with mine you can drive up and stay as long as you like.

    Anyways here's a bit from my other post with the link to the original post.

    I'm selling a 5.03 acre parcel near Jameson Lake in E.WA. It is one of the few remaining private lots in the area and is mostly surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM land, with hunting and fishing right at your feet. It's bare raw land, mostly sage scrub brush with no water, power or anything else to get in your way. A great opportunity for the right person.

    We used this land for Camping, and Deer & Rabbit Hunting. It is great for that as you are all alone and is like owning 1000's of Acres for yourself. We hardly ever ran into anyone while out there. Also a good area for pheasant hunting but I didn't do much of that, I did do allot of target shooting and it's a great area for practicing that 1000 Yard shot! located in GMU 254 Saint Andrews if you want to look into the details.


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    Wish i had some cash laying round.

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