House set to vote today on increasing funds to states for background checks

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Joe Link, May 29, 2014.

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    So the states need more funding to perform basic functions of government? Also, at least two states that I know of maintain their own database of "prohibited persons" specifically california and oregon. In california (where I used to work at the retail end of the firearm business) we had to submit forms electronically to the state DROS system, so CA-DOJ could pick through and either confirm or deny the sale, and they had 10 days to do it.

    Also, there was so much money in the DOJ DROS fund a few years ago the DOJ raided it to use the money for other programs.

    The fact is, politicians give nothing but lip service to doing anything about the issue of spree killings, because every time one happens, they get to pass more laws that never would have met muster to a calm and rational populace.

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    Don't I paid an extra ten bucks to a already paid government agent to LET me buy a new gun as it is...

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