WTS WA Hornady Lock-N-Load Gauge modified case - 8mm Mauser

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    I have two of these 8mm Mauser cases in unopened packaging that I don't need. $5ea

    Hornady Stoney Point OAL case - 8mm Mauser.JPG

    I think shipping them would cost as much as the case, consequently I would prefer to meet somewhere local rather than ship. Although I live and work in Vancouver I do frequently travel to Lone Oak Rifle & Pistol, Tri-County Gun, Douglas Ridge Rifle, and the Estacada Rod and Gun clubs and the Sportsmans warehouse in Milwaukee, OR so perhaps we could meet somewhere agreeable to both parties.


    The Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge (formerly Stoney Point) is an extremely easy to use tool. It only takes a couple of minutes to find the overall length for use of a particular bullet for those trying to place the ogive close to the beginning of the rifling (better accuracy is obtained when doing so). The tool is threaded on one end to accept specially modified cartridge cases. Once threaded onto the tool, a bullet is inserted into the cartridge. The tool is then inserted into the chamber of your rifle. The push rod on the tool is used to push the bullet up against the rifling. The rod is then locked in place and the tool can be removed from the rifle. After placing the bullet back into the cartridge, you then measure across the base of the cartridge and the top of the bullet with your dial calipers (use of a bullet comparator at this time is highly recommended because it makes it easier BUT not absolutely necessary) to obtain the OAL. If you want to check another type of bullet, insert the new bullet into the tool and repeat steps. This tool is excellent for periodically checking the throat erosion of a rifle barrel. Great for checking out used rifles. There are over 60 different modified cases available to use with this tool.

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