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    Youtube user Jason went and spent two years building himself a homemade coilgun.
    It's almost straight out of science-fiction, but this thing actually works. This coilgun is no toy. Using a large electromagnet, made from 10-gauge magnet wire, it delivers more kinetic energy than a .45 handgun, but less than an M16 rifle, according to Jason. If Jason was able to do this in his backyard with off-the-shelf components, you can just imagine what proper defense contractors should be able to do with a few billion dollars. ​
    OMG can you imagine Jason going ballistic (get it? because it's a gun!) in his next movie with this thing? Goodbye hack-and-slash, hello blast-and-flash! You see, In my script Jason exposes himself to the camera after every kill to add a little more humanity to his character. What? Funny you should ask -- no, no I didn't go to film school. But I do own Big Trouble In Little China!

    Hit the jump and skip to 2:50 to see the gun destroying everything Jason could find on his bedside table.

    Magneto's Getting All Hot And Bothered Just Thinking About It: Guy's Homemade Coilgun - Geekologie
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    Make: Online : Impressive and slightly scary coilgun build

    "It's billed as a "1.25kJ Coilgun," but I dunno how that figure was computed. If it is muzzle energy then projectiles from this weapon deliver more kinetic energy than a .45 handgun but less than an M16 rifle, which I frankly doubt. But judge for yourself by clicking the embedded player below to be taken directly to the test firings at 2:50, in which various housewares get shattered and punched full of holes. I'm guessing 1.25 kJ is the theoretical maximum energy that can be delivered by the capacitor bank, and that the real muzzle energy is significantly lower."

    Watch the video he is firing a heavy projectile with it but I'd say its maybe as powerful as a .22 . Coil guns are currently impractical due to the weight and battery charge requirements needed to make them comparable to chemically powered firearms. The navy's rail guns are pretty cool though.
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    Don't know about that. I'm pretty sure my .45 will go clean through a cheap plastic toy AND the cardboard backstop. YMMV. Pretty cool concept though.

    edit: dang, pyromancer beat me to it while I was watching it! lol.

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