WTS WA HK45c tactical / Mk24 Mod 0 LNIB (7) mags LEM kit

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    I have a LNIB HK45ct / Mk24 Mod 0 (V3 decocker only) that I would like to let go. I have fired exactly one (10) round mag through it for a functions check. I also just recently had it converted to the LEM trigger pack. It is set up as heavy LEM now and you can swap it back to light LEM or back to V3 as it came if you like to keep it correct as a V3 Mk24 Mod 0.

    Factory Mepros that glow very bright. This is a BD date code gun.

    I have (7) total magazines for it.

    (3) 10 round elephant foot mags
    (4) 8 round standard flush fit lip mags

    Gun WILL come with the TLR-1 HL. If you research, the TLR-1 doesn't technically fit the HK45c frame. I had to creatively re-engineer the mount to work. NOTHING permanent has been altered on either the gun or the light mount.

    Also, I have a factory HK thread protector that will come with the gun. Can not included. Case with all factory goodies and paperwork included obviously.

    Given the cost new for purchase ($1359) plus the cost of the additional magazines and LEM kit I am at $1500 firm for this package. Shipping is paid by me.

    Will not ship anywhere unlawful


    NO Trades except:

    S&W 686 pre-lock/pre-MIM 4" plus $750 cash




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