HK P30 V3, 9mm

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    I picked this up recently thinking I wanted to try something new but decided to stick with what I know. I have not fired it and don't know the round count but it does not appear to have been fired much at all. It is the DA/SA variant with a decocker. It comes with two 15 round magazines, original case, manual, back straps etc. $750

    Some things I am interested in trading for (+/- cash):

    Quality USA made 1911's (no Kimbers please)
    W. German P226 / P228
    S&W 686 (pre-lock)
    AR pistol or upper in 300 Blackout
    AR in 7.62x51
    AK-47 (no WASR's or Maadi)
    USA made gun safe (mechanical lock)
    Other items? It doesn't hurt to ask but I am not looking for anything in 40S&W

    I'm in Maple Valley and can travel about 30 miles. I'll need to see a CPL or recent firearm receipt, etc.

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