HK P2000 9mm LEM Review

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by nwhpfan, May 23, 2010.

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    -A great mid-sized gun with full size capabilities that's light weight, hi-capacity, and small, medium, and large all in one package- if that makes any sense....

    I just picked up this HK P2000 the other day. I have plenty of full size 45's, a few Hi-Powers, and 1 compact Kahr PM9. What I felt I realy needed these days was a pistol I could pack all day in an office but still had full sized capabilities when neeed. After a lot of thought, I chose this pistol.

    At first look it's polymer, weighing in at just over 21 oz w/unloaded magazine. Close to a pound lighter than the BHP I have been carrying. It's 1.3" wide, .02" larger than a 1911 so it's still relatively thin. The pistol holds 13+1 of 9mm so the grip is nearly long enough for a full grip providing stability. Size wise, it wasn't too big and it wasn't too small.

    The pistol comes standard with HK's version of a tough and durable weather resistant finish called "Hostile Environment." It looks blue and HK's manual speaks of how the metal itself is treated to creat the protection expected. I find the finish attractive.

    The firing mechanism if very unique but operation is fairly basic. Called the "LEM" for Law Enforcement Mode; It's a "light double" action only trigger at about 6.5 pounds. The engineering that went into it sounds complicated and although my description is not entirely correct; it's as if a "pulley" type system takes away the full weight of what you'd expect from a DA pull. If you hold the trigger after a shot, the hammer stays cocked back and is slowly lowered as the trigger is moved forward, but not all the way if you decide to go just to re-set before cranking off another round. If you choose to go all the way forward with the trigger vs. just to re-set, the trigger doesn't seem any different to me. Again, looks a little different, sounds a little different, but all the same when your fireing.

    I can't remember if my "assistant" is pulling back, or just "clicked" at the re-set.

    The pistol comes with a variety of back-straps and I believe HK was one of, if not the first to offer such a feature. Small, medium, large, and X-large- something for everyone. The two larger sizes are a hard rubber where the small and medium are polymerish. Replacing requires a punch and takes seconds.


    This pistol came with 3 mags and I believe it's gun store prerogative and pricing that depends on how many you get. They aren't cheap and the best price I've found on-line was $40. At the same time they are high quality and I still have the original USP mags for another pistol from 12 years ago. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but it looks like some stout metal to me.


    I hear from many not fond of HK's - point to the "paddle" style downward actuated magazine release as their reason. For me, it's in the right spot and I encourage anyone to give an earnest try before dismissing it too soon. IMO-had this been the "first" design, any other way would seem foreign.

    Performance: I was at the range yesterday. The good news is I got to shoot about 500 rounds of .223 and a couple hundred rounds through my M&P45, but didn't get enough time to shoot the p2000 but for a 50 round course with varrying stages of standing, kneeling, etc. from as far out as 25 yards, and as close as 5. I found it very accurate, there were no malfuctions, the trigger was smooth, and the manipulation in general was natural.

    I would recommend, to those like me who were searching for the right concealed carry piece for them, to give this pistol a look next time at the gun store..

    And finally, there's a very interesting performance test of the "LEM" trigger and HK's in general at if anyone is interested. A P30 went 91K rounds and a HK45 is up to 11K so far.
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    Thanks for posting.
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    An insightful review.
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    I'm glad this pistol worked out for you- it seems like a very nice weapon. I'm going to have to figure out a way to put a few down range with one...
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    I just got a LEM P30 first I was iffy on the paddle mag release but now I really like it.

    My trigger was the heavy pull variant (like 8lb) but after a couple easy spring swaps (which you can buy from HK) it's now at around 5.5lb
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    If you were one of the ones who searched and searched to find a fullsize SA/DA .357 Sig variant (V1), you can probably attest to how great this platform handles the powerful round.

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