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WTS OR hi point 995 9mm carbine

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by roguetechie, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. roguetechie

    roguetechie New Member

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    This is an older example of a hi point 995 carbine, in very good shape with a single magazine.

    These are apparently the new hotness as truck guns. I kept it around as part of my new shooter training gear, but I'm working to launch my first two products that will hopefully be the start of my career in the firearms industry. And it's expensive, so the safe is getting emptied out of all the odd children and random acquisitions to fund this business.

    I'm asking $250 for it. Please don't respond with disrespectful low ball offers, but also feel free to contact me with offers that are part trade part cash. (as long as $100 minimum is cash)

    Things I would take in trade:
    receiver and other build jigs
    0% upper and lower forgings AR10 or 15
    80% receivers of all stripes.
    AK & AR parts
    tt-33 stuff
    ... Way too much other stuff to list



  2. Theonlybambam66

    Theonlybambam66 Hillsboro New Member

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    Is it still available