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Why don't these guys send any instructions? Nothing?

OK, I got the extension tube and a spring and an orange plastic goody. (Remington 1100 if it matters)

I can't figure out where that orange plastic piece goes, or in what direction. I removed the original factory metal part from the end of the tube to release the original spring. My tube isn't dimpled - it's an older model.

I just can't figure out where, or in which direction, that orange plastic part goes. I've googled and googled and can't find a thing.

The gun has a 22" barrel so I ordered the 3 shot extension which should work fine if I can figure out how to install it.


Done and test fired. Works great - all 8+1 with no issues. Thanks again!!!

This is a Rem 1100 semi-auto in gorgeous condition - 22" smooth bore barrel and rifle sights.

NOW. Do I need to install that ugly clamp on the end? I hate like heck to put the first scratches in that barrel, and it will also contact and scratch the front rifle sight. The extension tube seems pretty solid to
me. ??
You don't have to install it, but they provide the clamp for a reason. If you are afraid of scratching the barrel, try putting some black electricians tape on the inside of the clamp jaws where they would contact the barrel or if you have some pieces of rubber that you could cut to fit.
Well, I'm no photographer, but here it is and it's gorgeous. I'm probably just going to remove the extension and forget it. The extension will work on an 870 I have which I don't value as much.

At least I know how to install it now. :s0155:

The checkering needs a good cleaning but...




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