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    Hello all,

    I came across this site while I started to do research into owning my first gun. Looking for any advice on how to get started, what to get started, and what the process may entail. Trying not to be overwhelmed by the entire process.

    I have done some research and am currently interested in the Walther PPQ (though it seems like they can't be found).
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    A few quick suggestions:

    * Spend a few weekends going to the various ranges in the area where you can rent pistols and shoot several different pistols. Or find a buddy that has several pistols which will be nice and let you shoot them. While you may spend a few hundred doing this, it really can save you a lot of annoyance in the future.

    * Once you settle on a pistol, do research on prices. Right now prices is kind of crazy. Thus, if you can find them, you will pay a premium for things. Sorry, for the sticker shock but really the pistol is cheap compared to the amount of ammo you will put through them.

    * Once your purchase your pistol, find a few training classes for handgun safety and using your handgun. With just a few beginner's classes you can improve amazingly and become much more comfortable with the firearm you have purchased.

    * Lastly, welcome aboard. Be mindful of your choices and be responsible. :)
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    Welcome :)

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