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Have some M1A questions, could use some help please

So are USGI parts available today to build on a forged recv’r yourself?
Things have sure changed since I built mine in 1999.
I don’t recognize many of the companies today.
Smith Enterprise and LRB are still building M14s with hard to find GI parts. The timing was never right for me to buy one of their receivers back then, so I ended up having Smith Enterprise build what I wanted on forged heel stamped Poly Tech receivers that I supplied... Best damn M14s I've ever owned.
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LRB was just starting into production when I was finishing mine.
Smith Entpr. had a carry handle AR15 scope mount that works nice to this day, all steel.

My near new Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad with USGI handguard & walnut stock. My new Bula forged receiver build w/ NM barrel & all like new H&R parts and wood. I’m putting a Smith Enterprises suppressor on my new M1A Standard Walnut that is coming in on Monday. They are on sale for $1200 with free shipping at Palmetto State Armory.
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I saw the Palmetto deal and it's a great deal, but the Scout fits my needs perfectly.

Speaking of M1A's, I just ordered one from Bud's today. They have Scouts for $1199. in the synthetic distressed flag stocks. I don't care for the look, but it's coming off anyway.

I ordered a used M14 walnut stock including all the stock metal but the front ferrule for around seventy-two bucks from Numrich. I'll refinish it and stick the flag stock, handguard & rail in the box.
I also ordered a new full length GI handguard which will get rattle canned black. I've just never cared for the way the brown looks with the walnut.
OK a good camo job on yer smoke pole, do it yerself. DuraCoat will hold up as well as Ceracote for the most part. Just go to You Tube and search for HOWTOs on painting your stock. It is actually pretty easy. Hell you can make a nifty snake skin camo job with just an old net laundry bag and some spray can paint, like Duracoat or even Krylon. Next you will need a muzzle brake. Forget the Smith muzzle brake, for a good price/performance muzzle brake, Witt machine makes one that out performs a Smith for less money. They can be found at https://wittmachine.net and the one you want is here Custom Threaded Muzzle Brake You will need to get an adapter to fit it to your barrel or use the excuse to get a Criterion mid weight match barrel. Since with Criterion barrel, you lose the front sight blade, you might want to go with a different stock. The Archangel is a good entry level stock or go with the Blackfeather RS basic stock and add what you need for it as you go. By the way you can get adapters for the M14/M1A on Ebay. An adapter allows you to keep your original barrel and front blade sight and the flash suppressor is replace by the muzzle brake. Come to think of it, you can get DuraCoat on Ebay or Amazon, (if'n you trust Amazon).
I hope all of this rambling helps, if not please just send me an email kirk511@fairpoint.net and I'll try to help. There are two certified armorers here.
The socom had a brake and recoil isn't that bad. With 16" barrel you can still reach out and touch something.

It becomes an issue if you go shorter. Keep in mind the replacement for the M110 SASS is essentially an HK G28 with a 16" barrel.



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