WTT OR Hatsan .22 Bullmaster

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    I have a .22 Bullmaster in great condition and working order for sale or trade. This gun cycles flawlessly. A pleasure to shoot. Only reason I’m getting rid of it is because I shoot lefty and this gun will not allow you to do so. I thought I could switch to right handed shooting, but it’s too awkward. Looking for any pcp airgun trade that is equal value. No scope included.

    66645F10-681B-43C2-9260-1C214DAAB6DF.jpeg F83EF3DB-313A-43A5-9EB5-38744AA8134F.jpeg 1AE67224-9EA4-4F25-A299-B2278A390D48.jpeg DE658C4B-2A6B-4271-BAF3-59CF0BC0BB02.jpeg
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