handloading 44 Cal .430 225 gr FTX® (44 Mag) in a 8 inch revolver

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    Hornady 44 Cal .430 225 gr FTX® (44 Mag).jpg Well here is a question I hope someone will be able to have an answer to.
    Has anyone handloading 44 Cal .430 225 gr FTX® (44 Mag) in a 8 inch revolver. I haven't looked at the C.O.L. yet or wheather or not the shape of the bullet will have issues with bearing surface resistance, which unless someone has already tried this and can report some problems, I will be looking into test firing some of these in my S&W Classic 29 with its 8-3/8" bbl. Just thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone has thought what nice handgun hunting round this might make.

    Hornady 44 Cal .430 225 gr FTX® (44 Mag).jpg
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    I had a box of the factory loaded FTX rounds. The brass was shorter than regular .44 mag brass. Another problem is the bullet seater. You need something that will seat the pointed bullets, not crush the rubber tip.
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    You might get more traffic if you dropped the post down to the Ammo & Reloading forum.

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