H&R Model 1904 6 shot .32 S&W Revolver in Nickel

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    I have an H&R double-action revolver in .32 S&W in Nickel. I received it from a family friend when her husband died. The story I'm told is that it was originally used as a 'bar' gun. It was in a shoe box, and then came into my possession. As far as I can tell, it is completely functional. It has a lot of dust in it, but no obvious corrosion. The barrel is in quite good shape, all of the grooves look sharp. I haven't shot it, but the timing seems right, and the barrel gap looks appropriate.

    Here is a picture. As you can see, the screws and pins are in fantastic shape.

    The nickel on the outside has a few nicks/patina marks, though for the most part is quite clean.

    The other side. As you can see, it has a little nickel wear at the cartridge push-in spot and has a few nicks/patina marks in the nickel, but is otherwise clean.

    The cylinder has a little bit of surface discoloration, but this does not appear to penetrate at all.

    The topstrap reads "H&R Double Action" and "Model 04 .32 6 Shot".

    The barrel reads "H&R Arms Company" "Worcester Mass. U.S.A." and "32 S&W CTGE"

    I'm particularly interested in a trade for something that I'll get use out of, and am willing to do some cash either way. Show me what you have! My list:
    - Common caliber revolver
    -.45 ACP auto loader
    -.22 Handgun
    -.223, 7.62x39, 30-06 M2 Ball, 8mm Mauser, or 30-30 ammo.

    If you have anything else you think I might find cool, send it my way!

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