I have an H&K USP.45 Tactical that i am looking to sell or trade. Got it while i was home on leave from a friend, it's in amazing condition with only slight wear on the chamber block. The date code is AF which makes it an 05 v1, also on the left side there is a "JS" marking with the HK logo. Not sure what the rd count is, but personally i've put 200rds through it, so heres the skinny;

H&K USP.45 Tac package;
USP.45 Tac pistol W/HK thread protector
Surefire rail adapter
3 12rd mags
H&K soft carry case
will sell for $1100

nib meprolight N/S for USP $95, W/package $70
lnib streamlight TLR1 c4 led $100, W/package $80

trades i am interested in:
mid level complete AR-15's
will consider any assault rifle's +cash
or Tactical pistols +cash
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