Gun control bait and switch

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Oct 18, 2013.

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    I'll say this much about that group of worthless flesh, they are slow, but they are dumb!!!
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  3. simon99

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    More illogical schemes pushed by tyrants who need to be thrown out of this country.....

    I'm so sick and tired of seeing these people prostitute themselves out to their anti-Constitutional leftist masters. If they truly want to save lives, get rid of all the anti-2A gun laws on the books in the Country. You'd see an immediate decrease in violence.
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  4. Mark W.

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    Back in 1991 a group tried to pass a law stopping Oregonians ability to own full auto. At one of the Senate hearing in Salem. They passed around photos of the terrible wounds caused by these types of weapons. But since at that time no full auto weaons had been used in the commission of a crime the photos clearly weren't what they were saying they were. Turns out when one of the doctors was asked directly what the photos showed. He said they were actually wounds inflicted by police officer weapons on bad guys.

    Needless to say the hearing took on a different feel after that. And I'm sure you know how their efforts turned out since we still have the ability to own full auto in Oregon.
  5. Kevatc

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    Well, if nothing else the bait and switch tactic shows how inept and illogical the gun control argument is at its core.
  6. U201491

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    Yes !
  7. AMProducts

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    I'm not really sure this is bait and switch, it's buzzword bingo. It's just like Obama refusing to use the words "weapons of mass destruction", instead preferring "unconventional weapons".

    I find it rather cynical of the anti-gun movement to trot out someone who was a victim of violence, and somehow sell them on the idea that the prevention for the "next mass shooting" is the exact thing that didn't work the first time.

    As someone who has been a victim of physical violence (I was attacked first with fists, then with a car) I am highly suspect as to why there is such a profound bias towards guns. In all honesty, if I had had a gun that night, I wouldn't have had to worry about being attacked with the car, nor would all the other people who came to harm over the next 48 hours. Guns save lives, gun control creates victims.
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