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    Finally found one of these. A Remington 788 in .308 in super good condition. Bore and bolt (bolt and receiver #'s match) hardly look worn. Only area I had to deal with was the terribly neglected stock. Over oiling cause ugly black marks on the underside where the floor plate/trigger guard meet the wood, end of the bolt channel on stock and, for some reason, under the sling swivel studs !!!! I contemplated refinishing or painting or getting another stock but settled on refinishing. The clear factory finish was scratched and faded all over, so I removed the old finish, 220 sanded down pretty good and noticed the wood actually had a very interesting natural pattern, so instead of staining, I just smoothed it out and put 3 coats of minwax poly satin finish. After 3 days of drying, I blended it all with 0000 steel wool (sprayed brake parts cleaner on the pad to get rid of the oil) and rubbed it down with a soft cloth. Didn't turn out half bad. Bluing is great but the buttpad is worn. All together, a worthwhile project. Called Remington and they gave me a born on date of 1974. Can't decide what to do with it yet, want to keep, but ammo prices are still absurd so I might sell/trade, we'll see. Just want to look at it for a while ; ) . As I understand it from several friends who have or have had them that they are super accurate and reliable.

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