Glock Clamshell Cases, Beretta 92/96 case, Ciener .22 conversion for Glock case

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    Have some Glock clamshells a Beretta 92/96 case and a Ciener .22 conversion for Glock case. Hey you might have bought a pistol or the conversion without getting a factory case or just dont like your Glock tupperwear.

    Clamshells are 20 clams or best offer or trade.
    Beretta is same but dollars this time unless you have an offer or some trade.
    Ciener .22 Glock case $10 or offer/trade.
    Have some Glock tupperwear cases but who wants those right...? Well if its you or your wife who does let me know I will work you a deal without the party.

    NOTICE(Must be born before the 80s to understand above attempt at humor! That and be very easy to amuse for full comedy affects)


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