GG&G extreme duty bi-pod (SPF)

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    This is made for any rifle, but I have the adapter for the M1A. (SPF) You can see the bipod here:

    Tactical Rifle Bipods - AR-15 Extreme Duty Sniper Bipod

    Mine is in mint condition, you can see how much I paid, they do not discount these anywhere, if you can find them. they are at least 4 weeks out. call them and verify, they will tell you the same thing.
    I really want to sell this with the M1A adapter, I have no use for it, and it will be a hard sell for a bipod specific. I do not want to split this up right now.

    I will sell for $215, then you will negotiate and hit me at $180, and I will say meet me in the middle at $200, so there we go, $200, look how easy that was. :bluelaugh:

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