Gen 1 vs Gen 2 6-position buttstock

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    Anybody have insight on the two. The Gen2, from what I've read, is similar to the Colt 6920 buttstock. The Gen2's got straight cut instead of a curved by the release and it's 8 dollars more. Just wanted to know if it's worth it to go with the Gen2. What do you guys think?

    BCM M4 Stock Kit - (w/ Milspec Rec Ext) - BLACK 74.95 m4 milspec black.htm

    BCM M4 Milspec Stock Kit - (GEN 2) - BLACK 82.95 m4 milspec black - gen2.htm
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    you should read the reviews on those links it may answer the question

    find out if its just mil spec diameter or mil spec diameter and materials

    if the tube if made of true mil spec aluminum like colts it may be worth the extra money to have the stronger aluminum if your going to go to a piston upper or plan to use the butt of you rifle as a weapon or shoot a lot FA or really shoot tons of ammo , if not then its just cosmetics

    i read some of the reviews on the BCM milspec that there was some wobble. My Colt M4 has no wobble

    i'll let

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