G43 vs m&p shield 2.0

Discussion in 'Semi-Automatic Pistols' started by 40isforme, Jul 9, 2018.

g43 or shield 2.0

  1. G43

  2. Shield

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    I've got a Shield in both 9 and 45, and had to stipple the grip to keep them in my hand. For some reason S&W thought the textured grip surface was enough. Whoever thought that ought to be slapped.
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    I'm a Glock guy, for sure, got a bunch of them, including a 42 and a 26. The 42 is my wife's and I prefer a Kahr P380 for pocket duty. It is obvious to anybody who has pocket carried that the 43 and the Shield are NOT pocket guns (neither is a 42, for that matter...).

    But for small belt carry, I definitely am able to tell a difference between the Shield and the 26. Don't let people convince you that you might as well go 26 of you're gonna go small gun. I carry my 26 when I want small, but can still go a little bigger. I prefer the Shield, especially during these warmer summer months. I much prefer the 8rd mag for the extra pinky space.

    I frankly hated my dad's 43. I don't exactly know why, but it was absolutely not as awesome as my Shield.
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    I'm a bigger guy and prefer the Shield IWB. But I opted for the performance over the 2.0. The better trigger and sights sold me on it. It looks good too, which is not something I can say about Glocks. So yeah, I'm a little biased. :)
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