Hey all, it appears that 2 threads have been merged. Let's keep this for REAL signs that you've seen and taken picts of.


I've been searching and cannot find any threads for funny pictures. If there is one, obviously mods please feel free to move.

While out walking my wife and I ran across this sign. This sign is on the Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) campus.

I'm not the greatest speller in the world (thank God for spell check), but even I caught this one. Hopefully "Clifton Strenths" is a class in spelling.

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LOVE the idea! Here is one I took. I did some work for the owner at one time. He had a kid working for him who among other jobs did reader boards. The kid was a great example of "you had one job to do and....." He was famous for stuff like this.
When I saw this one, one morning I told the gal who was in charge of renting out the meeting rooms, which is what this was for, "hey that sounds like my kind of church service". She said Oscar drove by and saw it and let her know he was NOT amused. :)

OP: Do you know if the 'clifton' signs about some wacky, crystal gazing, new age garbage?

Or am I way off base?


I have absolutely no clue what it is. All I know is that no one spell-checked the sign (on WSUV campus) prior to putting it out for everyone to see. :D


Saw this at the local engine shop a few weeks ago, the owner is a cool guy and the shop is awesome to work with!
Love that one. The "gluten free" fad got to the point of being insane. Asked a few Docs and they said most of the people looking for gluten free had no idea what gluten even was and had been eating it all their life. Only a small percentage actually had a problem. It has gotten to where it seems everything is advertised this way now. Amazing the stuff you can get people to fall for.

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